Greg Michaels - Black friday deals

Black Friday is here and Cyber monday is just around the corner, therefore I decided to share with you a new website I got to know which has some great discounts and offers these days. I personally got kind of disappointed probably because of my expectations regarding the black friday promises to have huge discounts. Greg Michaels decided to spoil us with a great offer especially for Black friday 25% off everything in their online store.  In case you haven't heard of Greg Michaels yet, it's a designer fashion brand which specialises in Handbags and Accessories.

My favourites:

Price: 349$

Price: 199$


Price: 65$
As you can see the prices are not low, but it does show that they use high quality materials in their products. If you're looking for a bad that will last for long and is elegant, chic, and timeless, I think that these designs fit into these requirements. 
The designer has plans to expand  the brand into a lifestyle one with women clothing and shoes so be sure to stay tuned and check the official website - http://gregmichaelsco.com and Facebook page to stay updated with all the new arrivals and discounts. 

Chic & Love

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