Gift and Befriend

Today I want to share with you an interesting website I got to know which offers an amazing service; Giving something to someone who actually needs it. I regularly donate new and unused clothes of mine, but I never had the chance to help someone in need who lives overseas.

http://www.giftandbefriend.com/ makes it possible to send anyone in need around the world a little something, that can add a huge smile on his face and really make a difference. You can browse through the website and get to know and read stories of less fortunate people than you, and simply buy them an item which is on their wish list, or even easier you can send them a gift card, so they can buy whatever they want. I think that this service is really important and this way you can really make a difference in someone else's life, by simply buying them a new t-shirt to go to school with. You can check all the details right here at - http://www.giftandbefriend.com/

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