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Meet  ‘’ Zumatown.com ‘’ , a unique , innovative and new type of video chatting website ‘’ Zumatown.com ‘’! This  website will enable anyone from anywhere in the world, to communicate with others locally or anywhere around the world, in a similar fashion as seen on Skype, but with a twist ;you choose the age , gender , and country , of the persons you would like to videochat with! when you enter as a female you will be shown males by default, and vice versa ; when you enter as a male you will be shown females by default : you will have the opportunity to choose both male and female, or all online users as you progress into zumaton.  your videochat will be with others who are also in zumatown at the same time you are ;they will be random choices of people fitting your age , gender and nation requirements , and not people you know or have in any type of contact list . 
The best part about the website is the ability to be partially, or  completely, anonymous! They have created a way to video chat with others through an integration that requires no saved data, because they have no database, and have no ability to store’’ any ‘’ of your’’ information ‘’ whatsoever, because they do not ask, or require any information except your age : What this means for you is that you can safely talk to people that interest you, without having to worry about logging in, dealing with e-mail verifications,  registration ,username or  sign up of any kind… It’s different ! Upon entering Zumatown you have the option of uploading a picture, but this is not required, although you will most likely get more responses if you do; You can also choose to take a picture from your webcam, but either way, none of your pictures will be stored on the website once you leave because they have no database to store information about you, and they don’t require information about you ; it will be like you were never there,because any pictures you upload or take,will leave the site when you leave the site! You  have the ability to  video chat with people live; via webcam; (full screen);  also through audio communication, and SMS chat box . 

Zumatown also has a great feature that lets you see what you are going to look like to other people, by ‘’ previewing your own webcam ‘’, before starting to videochat ( if you desire ). You are then able to search for exactly who you are interested in talking to, by selecting any country, or  any age group, of the people who you prefer or desire to videochat with . You can choose anywhere from 1 to 3  ‘’ priority ‘’ countries that you would like to search from,or just’’ all ‘’ countries . you have the ability to block users from your own country , or any part of your country ; so that no one from there will see you online, or see  your picture. Speaking of options… You are then presented with 9 pictures ‘’ per page ‘’ of people  that fit your criteria ; It will be like looking through a picture book or photo album, full of people who you would prefer to , or desire to talk with, and being able to choose your own new friends. You are also able to delete the pictures of any individuals that show up that are not to your liking, or in any way offensive to you, while also being able to view whole new pages with 9 other potential friends per page, to talk with ! At Zumatown they understand that some may take advantage of the websites freedom, so this is why they have provided you with these deletion options, so that you will not have to deal with any embarrassing , offensive, representations of anyone , or fake or vulgar pictures. Each picture box has a delete ‘’ x ‘’ to remove unwanted postings or distracting images or photos. It is also a great idea to use this website to practice foreign languages, or to get information first hand about any place you may be considering visiting or vacationing. When someone wants to talk to you they will click on your picture and you will receive a ‘’ pop up ‘’ of his or her picture ; you then have the option to accept, or decline, his or her request.

 They have also built in an option that allows you to decline all requests, if your focus is on choosing , and not on being chosen . If you activate the ‘’ DECLINE ALL INVITATIONS ‘’ button ,you will not receive any popup invitations, pictured, or non pictured  . Upon accepting someone’s request to chat with you, you will be brought to a screen that allows you to see both their webcam and your own. Their webcam will be viewable in a full screen mode or fashion , while your webcam will be visible to you in the lower corner of your screen and consuming a very small space or area similar to skype. Webcam, audio and SMS chatting can be turned on or off at the will of the user, which is intended to give Zumatown participants control over their overall experience with the website. Now, before we continue telling you all about Zumatown, there are some important things you should know! This website is not in any way intended to be a dating or romance seeking website ;  it is solely intended for people to make and meet new  ‘’friends’’ , and to share their thoughts and conversation ; ultimately to share their worlds ,by engaging in a good conversation with others interested in sharing. The goal is to travel the world from your very own computer! You must be a minimum of 13 years of age to participate in Zumatown, and if you are under 18, you must have parental or legal guardian permission to enter the website. At Zumatown we do not ban or bar any person, this is simply impossible since we do not, and  have not , collected information on anyone who enters our website. However, you can decline any or all invitations from others, and truly be the decision maker when it comes to whom you allow yourself to converse with or see. Zumatown website is based on secure servers to prevent virus intrusions , malware, and or ‘’ nsa ‘’ spying ( lol ) . The videochat  ‘’api ‘’ or software is encrypted to the highest and most regularly updated standards in ‘’webrtc’’ ( web real-time communications )  : this is to prevent intruders from hacking into private conversations ;  or the website.   Most importantly we just want you to have fun, make friends,  and stay safe  --- always , always, remember to’’ be careful ‘’ when talking to strangers , and never meet in person anyone you have met through Zumatown!!!  Zumatown is meant to be fun loving and spontaneous, so please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity ! Thanks for stopping by, from your friends at -    Zumatown.    

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