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When was the last time you've got mail, but I mean "real" mail - like a letter in an envelope and not another package from eBay? I personally can't remember the last time someone actually send me a postcard or a letter that's way I was really excited to bump into a new app that allows you to send actual physical postcard directly from you iPhone! In my country, Israel, it's very common to have an "after the army" trip, mainly for South America or any other location for a couple of months and sometimes even a year. Since we all got so used to sending images through texting or e-mails, we forgot how nice it feels to actually get a postcard in the mail with a text in it. 

The app is called "By post - postcard maker" and it is now available on the app store. If you're planning a trip anytime soon or just have relatives around the globe or even in a different city, I defiantly recommend you to give this app a try. It's the perfect combination of nowadays technology and "old fashioned" habits we used to have and miss.

For more information about the app visit the website -http://www.bypost.com/ and download it right here.

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