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Today I wanted to introduce you to a new product I got to know recently which I really liked. It's called Kernel relief and it's an all natural heating and cooling pad. The pad is made of whole corn that you can easily heat up in the microwave and reuse it again and again! The pad is great for muscle pain, back pain and of course it's always great to just relax and get warm up with it in a cold wintery day. One heating of these pads for just 2 minutes lasts for up to 40 minutes! Super cool and long lasting. Another great thing about these is that they are ALL natural, it's made out of 100% flannel, other natural fabrics and of course whole corn. 

Oh, and let's not forget the fashionable aspect of this item, it comes in a variety of prints and designs which you can choose from for just 4.99$! Without a doubt this is a great price for a great product, visit the website and purchase yours online here - http://kernelrelief.com/

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