Meet Piccing

Instagram and Pinterest are in my opinion the most addictive platforms you can use if you want to get some inspiration, especially when it comes to fashion. I personally find myself pinning and "hearting" items nonstop through Pinterest and get so upset when there's no link to where I can purchase the amazing outfits my favorite bloggers keep on uploading. 

Apparently, there's a new app called "Piccing" that can help you browse and buy items or outfits that you like by simply clicking on them and it offers you similar and look alike items. I find it super cool and useful, since we all got so used to just click on links or ask "Google" questions and within seconds we get our answers. This app allows you to browse through images, mark the items you see and eventually purchase them.

Bellow is a short video which explains simply what the app does. Right now it's only available on the app store and you can download and enjoy it right here.
For more information and examples of how it works, check http://www.piccing.com/ui

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