ICON - when art meets fashion.

Some people might say that fashion is superficial and materialistic, but the truth is that fashion is art. Creating a piece from zero and making a vision into a physical item is art. 
In this post I'd like to introduce you to a brand you might now - Icon shoes. Established in 1999 by a Hollywood filmmaker and art collector, the idea of ICON is to create "walking works of art", art that can be worn. Since then, ICON is a top brand which designs and manufactures high fashion, unique and stylish shoes, bags and accessories. 

I didn't hear about ICON until recently and the minute I entered their website to see what it's all about, a big smile spread on my face. I love fun, statement and unique items, and ICON is all about that; colours, patterns, cartoons and shapes. If you're looking for a masterpiece that can be worn, you got to the right place. ICON collaborates with different artists all the time and adds new trends to it's collection regularly. 

I highly recommend you all to check Icon shows website and get impressed by their beautiful designs. 

Chic & Love

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